Buffalo Wild Wings Gluten Free Menu

Here’s the Buffalo Wild Wings gluten free menu.

And yes you can enjoy some chicken wings as long as they aren’t fried.

Just watch out for sauce cross contamination which does occur so it’s not truly recommended for those of you who are allergic to gluten.

But other than that, dig in.


Buffalo Wild Wings Gluten Free Menu

Hand Spun Wings

  • Traditional Chicken Wings


  • Naked Tenders (with or without Grill Seasoning)

Wing Sauces

  • Sweet BBQ
  • Mild Teriyaki
  • Mild
  • Parmesan Garlic
  • Medium
  • Honey BBQ
  • Honey Mustard
  • Spicy Garlic
  • Caribbean Jerk
  • Hot
  • Mango Habanero
  • Wild
  • Blazin
  • Cajun
  • Desert Heat
  • Buffalo
  • Salt and Vinegar
  • Chipotle
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Jammin Jalapeño


  • Ultimate Nachos
  • Ultimate Nachos with Chicken
  • Corn Tortilla Chips with Red Salsa
  • Chili Con Queso with Corn Tortilla Chips


  • French Fries
  • Buffalo Chips
  • Coleslaw
  • Veggie Boat with Fat Free Ranch
  • Wild Fries


Without the Bun

  • Pulled Pork
  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Burger Patty

Savory Salads

  • Honey BBQ Chicken Salad with Cheese

Dressings and Sauce

  • Bleu Cheese Dressing
  • Ranch Dressing
  • SW Ranch Dressing
  • BBQ Ranch Dressing
  • Fat Free Ranch
  • Light Balsamic
  • Light French
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Queso Cheese Sauce
  • Chili
  • Salsa Red
  • Pico De Gallo
  • Light Caesar Dressing
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Spicy Brown Mustard
  • Cocktail Sauce


  • Ice Cream with Chocolate or Caramel Sauce

Kid’s Meal

  • Kid’s Naked Tenders with Grilled Seasoning
  • Kid’s Traditional Wings
  • French Fries

Hopefully you find something delicious to eat off this Buffalo Wild Wings gluten free menu.

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  1. Kate says

    Hi Adam! Love your emails! Doesn’t Buffalo Wild Wings have breaded products that share fryers with the wings? I was pretty sure they did. ??

    • Adam Bryan says

      Thanks Kate!You are 100% correct. I’ll be sure to clarify that there is a chance of cross contamination. Their chicken wings are only recommended for those on a non-health related gluten free diet. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Kate. It was very helpful!

      • Kate says

        Thank you for your response. I was hoping to hear maybe that they got new separate fryers. Ah well. Thanks again for all your hard work and posts.

  2. Andrea says

    According to their allergy guide on the website, their Teriyaki sauce contains gluten (presumably because of the soy that they add from an outside vendor, per the disclosure). Be careful!

  3. says

    Traditional chicken wings and naked tenders are deep fried in the same friers which are probably loaded with gluten considering the volume of breaded wings BWW pumps out every hour. In other words, any of the deep fried chicken is most likely going to FAR from gluten free.

    • A.Jane says

      naked tenders are grilled. I’ve asked and the regular wings are fried their own fryer. breaded tenders, et al are then fried in other fryers.

  4. says

    People posting about the gluten free fad diet make it horrible for us who are actually allergic or intolerant. I have gotten sick countless times because restaurants or bloggers like you claim something is “gluten free” if someone is trying to loose wait by not eating bread, it’s called the Atkins diet not gluten free

    • Roxy says

      Go to celiac sites then silly, this helps me with my gluten sensitivity, I can tolerate some gluten but not a lot. No one should think they could lose weight by going gluten free.

      • says

        My original comment stands and the name calling is beneath a mature conversation. I have celiac and everything I eat must be gluten free. I was hoping that your blog could help make finding good food a little easier. I will take your advise and use more educated gluten free sites
        Everything that I post on my instagram is Gluten Free for those who can not be cross contaminated with gluten, if you have anything that fits that and you want to share I am @adoraslove

        • Roxy says

          First you were silly now you’re now you’re being super silly. Sorry if that hurts you deeply. It’s not my blog…silly….

  5. Kiki says

    *facepalm* I believe you just contradicted your whole post. By saying it’s gluten free, when in fact most of those dressing and shared fryers make it not so.

  6. Lynn says

    Hi all. I am sitting in a BWW at the moment. The staff, including the manager don’t have any training on gluten. They told me there is no way to order wings that are not fried with everything else. I still was able to order lunch, a grilled chicken salad (minus croutons). Thanks for your posts though :)

  7. Kaylin says

    Ate at BWW and felt terrible for a week after. Anyone with celiac should steer clear. Save yourself the stomach
    ache or however your intolerance presents itself. Never again!

  8. Mary says

    We went here once and the manager told us nothing was safe from cross-contamination and that he wouldn’t recommend eating anything. My daughter has Celiac so we heeded his advice. Was kind of bummed. Wanted some wings!!

  9. Fernando says

    I looked on their website and you may want to revise this list. Specially for highly sensitive people & celiacs. I would not feel too safe eating most things listed here. This is a statement from their website.

    • During preparation, we do not use separate fryers for cooking. Because of this, there is the potential for allergen crossover with any of our fried items.
    • Our Traditional Wings and Boneless Wings are fried and sauced in the same containers.

    The rest is on here: http://www.buffalowildwings.com/Global/Allergens%20Zone%205%20new.pdf

  10. says

    Do you know how dangerous this is to us who have celiac and/or any type of gluten intolerance…shame on you and restaurants for not alerting and training wait staff and mngrs..Red Robin is amazingly educated and care soooo much.Red Lobster,Outback Steakhouse,Olive Garden,In&Out,Wendys….you need to get on board.DESIGNATED FRYER FOR FRYS, IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT.IT is about customer service…

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