Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free Menu

Here’s the complete Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt gluten free menu.

Hopefully you have a fantastic experience and know how to choose the best greek yogurt and ingredient combination ever. Enjoy!

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Gluten Free Menu

Here’s the Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt gluten free menu. Unfortunately, no frozen yogurts are gluten free.

Fresh Yogurt

  • Greek Yogurt


  • all natural mixed nuts
  • almond roca
  • caramelized almonds
  • carob chips
  • chocolate chips
  • coconut
  • nutella
  • nutmeg
  • organic chili powder
  • organic fruity bears
  • organic strawberry jam
  • roasted hazelnuts
  • sea salt
  • shaved milk chocolate
  • toasted almond
  • white chocolate shavings
  • yogurt chips

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    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey Hernan, according to Pinkberry, all their yogurt is gluten free. Hopefully this helps!

      • kurt swick says

        I was in pinkberry two days ago, and they told me their yogurt wasn’t gluten free. I totally hope they’re wrong, but also on their website it only lists the greek yogurt and the fresh fruit as gluten free….? Thanks!

    • Adam Bryan says

      Wow, I really messed up big time. Both You and Kurt are right. Only the greek yogurt is gluten free. Thank you so much for catching my mistake

  1. Melissa Sorrentino says

    That’s a shame with so many kids popping up gluten free…it’s the nut allergies but autoimmune instead…every year more kids are coming to school gluten free! Orange leaf is almost ALL GLUTEN FREE. Direct competitor…I have a pink dry coming to my town, but looks like my daughter won’t step foot in the place nor her teen friends…they eat where she can eat! They should really rethink things…easiest thing to be gluten free, even ice cream shops. My question is why are they adding gluten to their frozen yogurt wen yogurt is gluten free?

    • Adam Bryan says

      That really is a great question Melissa. It really doesn’t make much sense to me. And I have to agree, who would’ve thought that a frozen yogurt bar of all places would be glutenous. That’s why I always go to Sweet Frog. They seriously have the best strawberry froyo around!

      • says

        I know this is like super old but I work at a Pinkberry, and it’s not that we add any gluten to our yogurts, it’s the process for making the yogurts includes products that are processed in places that also process gluten. So it’s just that we can’t say it’s gluten free based on the fact there might be cross contamination.

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