Popeyes Gluten Free Menu


Could we get some real gluten-free choices Popeyes? Is that too much to ask?


Hey guys.

Guess what I just found.

[sarcasm] An epic menu.

A menu that’s so huge with so many gluten free selections that it’s just mind blowing.

Your mind probably can’t even comprehend how many choices there are here.

There are just too many things to choose from on the Popeyes gluten free menu that I can’t even make up my mind. [/sarcasm]

In case you didn’t know, I was being pretty darn sarcastic.

The Popeyes gluten free menu is basically microscopic.

It’s actually pretty sad.

I thought the KFC gluten free menu was bad, but boy oh boy was I wrong.

The Popeyes gluten free menu is just plain pathetic.

And like KFC, eating at Popeyes, in terms of their gluten free selections, is a little risky for those of you who have an allergy.


The gluten is airborne because of the flour and chicken coater.

So do yourself a favor and try to avoid Popeyes.

That’s just me being honest.

Well anyways, here the Popeyes gluten free menu.

The Popeyes Gluten Free Menu

  • Red beans
  • Cole slaw
  • Corn on the cob (at participating locations)
  • Cajun rice

[sarcasm] Too much to handle, right? [/sarcasm]

Popeyes Official Website

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