100% Gluten Free Restaurants Across the Nation

Wouldn’t it be great if you can eat out a restaurant without having to worry about getting a copy of their gluten free menu? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to ask your server 400 questions about which dish contains gluten and what doesn’t? Wouldn’t it just be nice if you can enjoy a stress free dining experience once and for all?

Well that’s all possible when you dine at a 100% gluten free restaurant! You’ll learn more about it as well as all the restaurants across the nation that you can check out. So let’s get started!

Gluten Free Restaurants Directory

Why Choose a 100% Gluten Free Restaurant

Many gluten free diners tend to find it to be extremely difficult when trying to eat out. Either they don’t have this amazing guide, they’ve experienced first hand that the kitchen is a cross contamination death trap, or they just don’t trust restaurants and their staff. I mean seriously, who wants to always have to ask 300 questions just to ensure that your meal is completely gluten free?

That’s why many diners choose to take away all the stress and choose to eat at a completely dedicated gluten free restaurant. It’s the safest option around.

What’s a 100% Gluten Free Restaurant

Yes this is probably very clear but just in case you didn’t know what a 100% gluten free restaurant is, here’s a little bit of information. So at a completely gluten free restaurant, everything is gluten free, meaning that there is no gluten free menu only because the main menu is already fully gluten free. Also, these kinds of restaurants use only gluten free products, all of which is prepared in a completely safe and free of gluten kitchen. It’s pretty amazing.

100% Gluten Free Restaurant Listing

Here are all the gluten free restaurants located across the nation separated by state and city. Just click on the name of the restaurant to be taken to their website, where you can learn about their selections, location/address, and hours. Enjoy!


The Funky Muffin Bakery – Birmingham

The Mason Dixon Bakery – Huntsville




Gluten Free Country Store – Gilbert

Gluten Free Creations – Phoenix and Scottsdale

Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery and Bistro – Tucson

Jewels Bakery and Cafe – Phoenix

Nourish 123 – Scottsdale

Picazzo’s – State-wide


Dempsey Bakery – Little Rock


Adama – Santa Barbara

All of the Above Bakery Cafe – Temecula

Asian Box – Palo Alto

Breakaway Bakery – LA

C Casa – Napa

Cloud 9 Bakers – San Juan Capistrano

Flour Craft Bakery – Anselmo

Healthy Creations – Encinitas

Mariposa Baking Co – San Francisco, Oakland

Miglet’s – Danville

Pica Pica – San Francisco, Napa

Rising Hearts Bakery – Culver City

The Good Cookies – Torrance

2Good2B Bakery and Cafe – San Diego


Coquette’s Bistro and Bakery – Colorado Springs

Deby’s Gluten Free –  Denver

Outside the Breadbox – Colorado Springs

Tabor Mountain Breadbox – Colorado Springs

Tapateria – Colorado Springs


Dee’s One Smart Cookie – Glastonbury

Freckled Frosting – Seymour

Mama’s Cheese Bread Factory– Brookfield

Nature’s Grocer – Vernon

Swoon Gluten Free – Ridgefield



District of Columbia



The Bald Strawberry – Cape Canaveral

Baby Cakes NYC – Downtown Disney

Stellar Gluten Free – Sarasota


Gluten Free Cutie – Roswell

Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery – Alpharatta


Maui Brick Oven Pizza – Kihei




Bountiful Eatery – Chicago

Rose Cafe and Bakery – Evanston

Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery – Hinsdale – Hinsdale


Roots Organic Juice Cafe – Valparaiso






Annie May’s Sweet Cafe – Louisville


Bibi’s Patisserie and Tea House – Lafayette

The Peace Baker – Metairie

Truly Free – Baton Rouge




One Dish Cuisine – Ellicott City

Sweet 27 – Baltimore


Idgy’s – Yarmouth

Something Sweet without Wheat – Arlington, Woburn

Twist Bakery – Boston


Ethel’s Edibles – St. Claire Shores

Rumi’s Passion – Plymouth






New Day Gluten Free Cafe – Ellisville






Haven on Earth Bread and Bakery Company – Reno

New Hampshire


New Jersey

Gluten Free Gloriously – Stirling

Wild Flour Bakery – Lawrenceville

New Mexico

Gluten Free Gourmet Foods – Albuquerque

New York

Baby Cakes NYC – NYC

Bare Naked Bakery Cafe – Bellmore

By the Way Bakery -Hastings on Hudson, NYC

Donna Marie’s Gluten Free Bakery – Rochester

Jennifer’s Way Bakery – NYC

Naturally Free Food Inc – Smithtown

Pip’s Place – NYC

Sherry Lynn’s Gluten Free – Latham

Three Dogs Bakery Cafe – Briarcliff Manor

Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery – NYC

YumYum’s Gluten Free Bakery – Syracuse

North Carolina

Creperie and Cafe – Weaverville

Posana Cafe – Asheville

North Dakota



Kathy’s Creations Bakery– Alliance

Sinfully Gluten Free – Centerville




Back to Eden Bakery – Portland

Corbett Fish House and Hawthorne Fish House – Portland

Cultured Caveman – Portland

Gluten Free GEM Bakery – Portland

Harlow – Portland

Harvest Brewing – Portland

Kyra’s Bakery – Lake Oswego

Liberated Baking – Gresham

Mama Leo’s – Portland

New Cascadia Traditional Bakery – Portland

OmNom Gluten Free Waffles – Portland

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries – Portland

Teote – Portland

The Brooklyn House – Portland

Tula Gluten Free Bakery – Portland

Verde Cocina – Portland


Betsy’s Bakery – Camp Hill

Happy Mixer Bakery – Chalfont

Made with Love Not Gluten – Elizabethtown

Sunny Bridge Gluten Free Bakery – McMurray

Sweet Christine’s Gluten Free Bakery – Kennett Square

Sweet Freedom Bakery – Philadelphia

Virago Baking Company and Cafe – Lansdale

Gluuteny – Pittsburgh

Rhode Island


South Carolina


South Dakota



Benefit Your Life Natural Lifestyle Market – Knoxville


From Across the Pond – Dallas/Fort Worth

Gluten Free Houston – Houston

Little Aussie Bakery – San Antonio

Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery – Dallas/Fort Worth

Wild Wood Bakehouse – Austin


Eleanor’s Bake Shop– Sandy

Sweet Cake Bake Shop– Kaysville, Salt Lake City


West Meadow Farm Bakery- Essex Junction


 Happy Tart Bakery – Alexandria


Artfully Yours Bakery– Pullman

Capitol Cider – Seattle

Coffee and A Specialty Bakery – Seattle

5B’s – Concrete

Haley’s Corner – Kent

Hugo’s Organic Restaurant – Redmond

Julie’s Gluten Free Bakery – Puyallup

West Virginia



 Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery – Pewaukee



Is there a restaurant not on this list?

Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks!



  1. ncdragonlover says

    In North Carolina, Ashville has an E, as in Asheville. Posana’s is great! Also Weaverville has a crepe place that is gluten-free. It’s called Creperie and Cafe. Awesome crepes!

  2. kristine iozzo says

    Good Grains Bakery, Roanoke Indiana. A delightful local bakery that produces amazing treats that do not lack any flavor!

  3. HighSun says

    Marie Antoinette’s Gluten Free Bakery. 2 locations. St. Joseph, Missouri & Wathena, Kansas. Soups, sandwiches, cupcakes and more.

  4. Ruth Temple says

    Go on and add the delightful Zest Bakery, 1224 Arroyo Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070. (650) 241-9378. Breads, Pastries, sandwiches, glorious quiches! Mostly to take home, there is a very small cafe seating area.

  5. Sandi Gaertner says

    Are you sure about Asian Box in CA? They have a regular and a gluten free menu, meaning the regular menu items may contain gluten. They use regular soy sauce on entrees not on the gluten free menu.

  6. Nicole L. says

    Texas: Company Cafe and Kozy 2 Day (previously called Kozy Kitchen) in Dallas. Unrefined Bakery in Dallas and Frisco. Palio’s Pizza-many locations but not all the g.f. crusts are the same. The locations in Plano have the best crusts.

    • farmer la says

      Yes! Flying Apron is awesome! 100% gluten free and vegan! Such a treat to be able to order ANYTHING!!! Their pie crust is delicious as are there molasses cookies!

  7. Anita Singer says

    Baby cakes is no longer at Downtown Disney but a couple of the resorts there have a few things from them.

    • Sarah says

      Cottage Inn doesn’t appear to be 100% gluten free. But looks like they offer gluten free crusts, in addition to regular, gluten-filled crusts.

  8. davidrn says

    The name say’s it all: http://www.glutenusminimus.com/ glutenus minimus, in Belmont, Mass. Wife and I had to make a trip in that direction, made a special trip to check it out. Wouldn’t drive 35 miles for any desert, but would stop in if within 5 miles. I had a muffin and a brownie, excellent. My wife had a bagel, said it was better than with gluten, sure looked normal. Hope you’ll include it, I believe it was “Best of New England” only prepare Gluten free, no cross contamination issues to worry about.

  9. says

    Just wondering if anyone knows of some places in Burbank, LA and Vegas, I’m going on holiday next year and I’m abit scared of not being able to find Gluten Free places. Especially as I’m not sure what/if anything I’ll be allowed to bring with me! :/

  10. Joan says

    The best gluten-free bread I have ever had is from Revolution Bakery, 1291 San Felipe Ave in Santa Fe, New Mexico. San Felipe Avenue is just off Cerrillos Road, a main drag into the heart of old Santa Fe. http://www.revolutionbakery.com. Also many treats, great coffee and tea, breakfast and lunch. It’s a totally gluten free place — at last, no cross contamination. Please add it to your New Mexico listings. Yours, Joan

  11. Kristen says

    Are you able to add Canada as well??? I would love to see a list of provinces the way you have listed the states.

  12. Janet Rinehart: www.houstonceliacs.org says


    • CAKES BY MONICA: Monica Rogers of Pasadena bakes absolutely delicious gourmet gluten-free cakes and other desserts, including special birthday cakes and wedding cakes or toppers. New website: http://www.monicasgfcakes.com. Or call her through her business e-mail at monica@monicasgfcakes.com. (Her phone is 281/998-1658.)

    • GLUTEN-FREE NATION (formerly Gluten-Free Houston) – GF Bakery at 1014 Wirt Road, Suite 230, Houston 77055. Phone: 713/784-7122. Website: http://www.gfnation.com. Products also available at H-E-B grocery stores, A Moveable Feast, American Health Foods in Tomball, Erma’s Nutrition Center in Clear Lake/NASA area, Dan’s Vitamin House on Bellaire, Natural Kitchen in Kingwood, Hubbell & Hudson in The Woodlands, The Woodlands Health Market, Central Market, and more.

    • PURE FOODS MARKET, (formerly Healthy Pantry) 7710 Cherry Park Drive, Houston 77095; 713/444-7627 or 281-858-6175); (Copperfield area)

    • WALDEN GOOD FOODS of Katy (www.WaldenGoodFoods.com). Owner Paul Morris.
    Good GF mixes.

    • THE BAKER’S RACK (gfbakersrack.com; or call 979/849-69633) located in Angleton, TX.
    Katy Calvert, owner. They have GF Brownie mix, Original coating & breading mix, Southern Style Cornbread Mix, Devil’s food cake mix, Yellow dream cake mix, seasoned coating & breading mix, Pancake & Waffle mix.

    • COSMOS BAKERY AND DELI, 1400 Nasa Parkway, Clear Lake; phone: 832/864-2708. Owner is Cristina Valerde. They have many gluten-free options along with their regular wheat products. They try to bake separately and not at the same time as the wheat products. They have dedicated pans and specially colored cupcake liners. However, be advised that there is opportunity of cross contamination because of wheat flour in the air. You can order a GF sandwich with UDI’s bread. Look at their Facebook page: Cosmos Baking and Deli.

    • XOCO-LATTE Bakery, 4719 Lexington Blvd., Missouri City, TX 77459; 832/243-6748; http://www.Xoco-Latte.com.

    • LETY’S GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY – Custom Cakes & Cupcakes; http://www.letysbakery.com. A home-based business owned by Leticia Womack in NW Houston/Cypress area.

    • Sarah says

      My wedding cake and desserts were made by Gluten Free Nation (Houston, TX) and everything was FABULOUS, as well as beautiful (and I’m quite picky about tastiness and aesthetics!). We didn’t divulge the gluten-free status of food to guests, and everyone loved the cake, cookies, and pies. Highly recommended!

  13. says

    How about Canada ?

    and are all those suggested not only offering “Gluten Free Menu”
    but guarantee no cross-contamination in preparation ?

    “Hawk” in Hamilton, Ont.

  14. emily says

    Bake Me Happy – Columbus Ohio

    Tasty Bakery – Ann Arbor, Micigan (getting a permanent location soon)

    Organic Bliss -Sylvania, Ohio (they do keep regular bread for people who want that for sandwiches but they only make/bake gluten free)

  15. Anne says

    Mrs. P’s Bakery in Bedford Hts Ohio is gluten free. It’s just a little south of Cleveland and very good. It supplies a few of the smaller grocery stores as well as having a retail location.

  16. Amy Raines says

    Is anyone reading or maintaining this list? I see numerous comments above, but don’t see that the list has changed. “From Across the Pond” in North Richland Hills TX is NOT 100% gluten free. They have a fantastic selection and do a fantastic job, but they are definitely not 100% gf. Here is a link to part of their menu: https://attachment.fbsbx.com/file_download.php?id=810055025705011&eid=ASvdCqfyWvECveiHASsfIcRUJRn-5ItGkwP1qvhNBAupYQ-s1dyhnTdd4R2kCebRGbA&inline=1&ext=1418953952&hash=AStuZRUI-_FNZR2v

    • Dawn B says

      Thank you for posting this. It’s still far from me, but closer than anything else. I may make a day trip to try it out.

  17. Rebecca says

    Huntington, WV has a gluten free restaurant called Butter it up! They are planning on opening at least an additional 5 in 2015.

    • Sarah says

      You got me excited – But then I realized they are NOT 100% gluten free like this article is looking for…

  18. Lisa Steigerwald says

    Mama Resch’s-A Gluten Free Bakery Overland Park,Kansas

    Jayla’s Gluten Free Cafe Charlotte,North Carolina

  19. LIma Bean says

    This is a bakery you can walk in and get things. Not really a restaurant – Mama Resch’s Gluten Free Bakery in Overland Park, Ks .

  20. H Murray says

    “Harvest Brewing” in Portland, Oregon is actually Groundbreaker Brewing (formerly Harvester Brewing). Wonderful place!

  21. Kellie says

    Amoteatery.com in Nashville, TN They bake fresh gf bread every day. Burgers, pizza, fresh sandwiches, soups, salads & desserts. Amazing fried chicken & the bacon mac n cheese is awesome too! Also have a great brunch with eggs benedict, french toast and much more.

  22. Jennifer says

    Consider It Joy in Birmingham Alabama. Many items are also safe for other allergies including casein, lactose, corn, and egg.

  23. Peggy G. says

    Shine Restaurant – Boulder, CO
    Fresh Thymes – Boulder, CO
    Blooming Beets – Boulder, CO

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