Famous Dave’s Gluten Free Menu

Here’s the complete Famous Dave’s gluten free menu for all you barbecue fanatics.

Just please be sure to save me a little. K thanks!

PLEASE NOTE that this menu is a wheat free menu for anyone on a non-medical gluten free diet.

A lot of cross contamination does occur so just watch out if you do eat here.

Be safe and enjoy.

Famous Dave’s Gluten Free Menu


  • chicken wings sauced
  • french fries


Be sure to order the salads without dressing and croutons. You can choose a dressing in the next section.

  • fresh garden salad

Salad Dressings

  • honey bbq dressing
  • bleu cheese dressing
  • ranch dressing


  • bbq chicken
  • country roasted chicken
  • grilled chicken breast
  • chicken wings plain
  • memphis style baby back ribs


  • rich and sassy bbq sauce
  • dave’s own remoulade sauce
  • jalapeño sweet and sour
  • georgia mustard sauce
  • texas pit sauce
  • devil’s spit bbq sauce
  • buffalo sauce
  • wilbur’s revenge sauce
  • southiside bbq sauce
  • spicy tartar sauce


  • coleslaw
  • french fries
  • corn on the cob
  • drunkin apples
  • garlic skin mashed potatoes
  • potato salad
  • firecracker green beans
  • loaded baked potato

Lil Wilbur Meals

  • bbq chicken
  • country roasted chicken

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  • Robyn Smith

    Texas Toast and Beam and Cola BBQ sauce are NOT gluten free

  • Not an idiot

    Wheat free is not the same as gluten free.

  • Amy Surrarrer

    Well, so far from simply glancing at the ingredient list on the famous dave’s website, I’ve been able to verify what I have know since going gluten free, and that is that there is almost nothing at Famous Dave’s that a person following a gluten free diet can safely eat. Almost every single sauce on that list contains either modified food starch (source unspecified), barley malt flour, soy sauce, liquid smoke, or a combination of the four…And several items, including the ‘loaded baked potato, that are on this list aren’t even ‘wheat free’ let alone gluten free, because they contain bacon, which is drained on bread, or soy sauce, which contains WHEAT. So, the fact that this menu would be included in a Gluten free guide frankly terrifies me, because a great deal of people don’t do their own research before trying something that is supposedly ‘safe’ for them to eat. And, if one menu hasn’t been carefully checked, then it stands to reason that there are several more that have the potential to make people very very ill.

  • Jennifer

    Not sure how you can include these sauces on a gluten free menu site…almost every single one of Famous Dave’s sauces have wheat or barley in them. They say it right on their bottled sauces…this seems irresponsible to have them listed here.

  • Larry

    Best way to stay gluten free is to bring your own meat and sauce and eat in the car in the parking lot.

  • Laoise Tippett

    I spoke to manager at Famous Daves what a disappointment. I have a daughter who had been diagnosed for 10 years and Daves BS is so 10 years ago. Why on earth would you still deliberately sabatoge your sauces with Barley??? and your beans with this same BBQ sauce. Plus every mention of we don’t know how to safely manage a food from being cross contaminated in our kitchens. Get up to date!!! Seriously. Who wants a unmarinated meat??? Why don’t your try being inclusive and have better kitchen integrity? I’m in tears I have 1 daughter whose team is doing a fundraiser there tonight and another who really must be fully deprived of joining in to the party. Dave’s you won’t get a dime from me ever, you are too long past fixing this. I won’t buy from companies who are so late in coming to dinner! We can eat at many other places who will provide Gluten free BBQ ribs and make their kitchens clean and maintain their food integrity.

  • Jay Good

    Adam Bryan only has this web site to make a buck. Don’t trust this site (or his books). Wrong info everywhere. No one who knows so much as what gluten is would label Texas toast as gluten free!