Hooters Gluten Free Menu

For a place called Hooters, you’d expect everything to be big.[naughty joke]

But that can’t be said about the Hooter’s gluten free menu.

I’ve been to Hooters only once and it truly seems like the main attraction isn’t the food but the girls.

This is a pretty obvious assumption that probably all of you already knew.

Anyways, here’s the Hooters gluten free menu.

Too many substitutions must be made to your meals so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

But hey, it’s up to you to decides. Your decision is the one that counts.

Anyways, enjoy!

Hooters Gluten Free Menu


Order without croutons and bleu cheese

  • Side Caesar Salad
  • Side Entrée Salad
  • Entrée Garden Salad
  • Entrée Caesar Salad

Sandwiches & Entrées

All sandwiches should be ordered without bun or bread

  • Big Fish Grilled Sandwich: Should be prepared without season
  • Gourmet Hot Dog: Gluten-free toppings include cheddar cheese, diced onions, and relish
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Should be prepared without any seasoning
  • Hooters Burger: Gluten free toppings include Swiss and cheddar cheese, bacon, and sautéed vegetables which have been prepared without seasoning


  • Be sure to request no saltine crackers
  • Oysters (raw)
  • Crab Legs: Should be prepared without shrimp boil
  • Steam Clams
  • Steamed Shrimp: Should be prepared without shrimp boil.


  • Potato Salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Baked Beans
  • Side Salad
  • Carrot and Celery

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Now if you really want gluten free chicken wings, then be sure to check out Buffalo Wild Wings.

Hooters Official Website

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  • Donna

    No Chicken Wings? I see the chicken without the bun sandwich. I mean, who goes to Hooters and doesn’t get chicken wings? or is it Owl wings? Just kidding.

    • Adam Bryan

      Lol. Hey Donna, according to the official Hooters gluten free menu, they state that the chicken wings aren’t part of the gluten free menu. It’s weird because I’m pretty sure their unbreaded/traditional wings are gluten free.

      • http://www.enthusiastphotographer.com Lee

        I’m pretty sure the reason the wings aren’t on the GF menu, even if they aren’t breaded, is because they are prepared in oil that is used to prepare things that are breaded. As a celiac, that is enough to send many of us over the edge…

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  • Tania

    The wings are not gluten free because their fried in oil that is used to fry breaded items. Same goes for the french fries. I’m allergic and that is enough gluten to really mess my body up and make me sick for days!