Ruby Tuesday Gluten Free Menu

I just have one tip for you regarding the Ruby Tuesday gluten free menu: you just really need to be sure to read all the italicized portions of the Ruby Tuesday gluten free menu.

A majority of the dishes require you to go sauceless as well as other exclusions.

So here’s the complete Ruby Tuesday gluten free menu, including all the things you need to ask for your dish to be made without.


Ruby Tuesday Gluten Free Menu

Be sure to get no Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Garden Fresh Salads

  • Grilled Chicken Salad: No croutons

Create Your Own Garden Bar with toppings:

  • Sliced tomatoes, edamame, green peas, diced eggs, parmesan cheese, bacon bits, diced ham, black olives, sunflower seeds


  • Thousand Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Zesty Italian, Ranch, Lite Ranch, Honey Mustard, Olive Oil, and Vinegar

Premium Seafood

  • New Orleans Seafood: Get with no parmesan cream sauce
  • Blackened Tilapia with Mango Salsa
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Creole Catch
  • Jumbo Skewered Shrimp

Fresh All-Natural Chicken

  • Chicken Fresco: No lemon-butter sauce
  • Chicken Bella: No Parmesan cream sauce
  • Barbecue Grilled Chicken: No Boston barbecue sauce
  • Chicken Trio: No lemon-butter sauce on the Chicken Fresco, no Parmesan cream sauce on the Chicken Bella, and no rice pilaf.

Steakhouse Steaks

  • Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin: No Parmesan cream sauce
  • Top Sirloin
  • Chef’s Cut Sirloin
  • Petite Sirloin and Lobster Tail
  • Petite Sirloin
  • Rib Eye

Pasta Classics

  • Spaghetti Squash Marinara

Fork-Tender Ribs

No Coconut-Crusted Shrimp or Louisiana Fried Shrimp add-on

  • Memphis Dry Rub Baby Back Ribs

Fresh. Fresh. Sides

  • Fresh grilled zucchini
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Fresh steamed broccoli
  • Fresh grilled green beans
  • Roasted spaghetti squash
  • Fresh baked potato
  • White cheddar mashed potatoes
  • Loaded baked potato
  • Fresh grilled asparagus
  • Diced apples (kid’s menu)
  • Grapes (kid’s menu)
  • Sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh Lunch Combinations (Mon-Fri until 3 p.m.)

  • Veggie Trio and Garden Bar

Petite Lunch Plates (Mon-Fri until 3 p.m.)

  • Jumbo Shrimp Scampi
  • Creole Catch
  • Sliced Sirloin
  • Chicken Fresco: With no lemon-butter sauce

Fresh Handcrafted Burgers

No bun and no French fries

  • Ruby’s Classic Burger
  • Classic Cheeseburger
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Smokehouse Burger: no onion rings or barbecue sauce
  • Triple Prime Burger
  • Triple Prime Cheddar Burger
  • Triple Prime Bacon Cheddar Burger
  • Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Turkey Burger
  • Avocado Turkey Burger

Kids’ Menu

  • Beef Mini Burgers: no bun
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Chop Steak


No brunch potatoes

  • Western Omelet: Order with no Hollandaise sauce
  • Steak and Eggs

Kid’s Brunch

No brunch potatoes

  • Eggscellent Combo

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  1. randy says

    How is it that Ruby Teusday’s blue cheese dressing is gluten free? It was my understanding that the blue is from bread mold, hence gluten.

    • Adam Bryan says

      I don’t know the details Randy, but according to Ruby Tuesday’s official gluten free menu and ingredient list, the blue cheese dressing is.

    • JD Thornton says

      Blue cheese is moldy cheese, not cheese with bread mold. I still have to avoid it because I’m allergic to anything with mold, but it should be gluten free.

  2. Kim says

    I just ate at Ruby Tuesdays and the only thing I had different was Blue. Cheese dressing. And now I am sick :(

  3. Nanette says

    I was surprised to see that the mashed cauliflower was not on the list above. What is in it that has gluten?

    • Adam Bryan says

      According to Ruby Tuesdays it’s not gluten free Nanette. My guess would be that they probably add flour into the mash. I’ve seen this done many times with mashed potatoes

    • Marleena A says

      They are fried in the same oil as the onion rings, breaded chicken, breaded shrimp and other breaded items. Bread crumbs fall off those into the oil then when you fry the french fries the crumbs can stick to the fires. Unless a place has a dedicated frier for french fries then you’re not safe eating fried foods there. Even then there can be an accidental cross contamination issue.
      The only places I will eat fries at are places like Five Guys Burgers and Fires where they don’t serve breaded foods so only their fries are deep fired in the oil.

  4. Nancy says

    I just went to Ruby Tuesdays in Georgia and asked for a hamburger. The menu stated no cheese, no bun, no fries. I asked what sides I could order with the hamburger and was told I could order any of the sides for the standard additional charge. I think that would have been an additional $2 for a baked potato and $3 for a trip to the salad bar. I was effectively paying $9.00 for a hamburger patty with lettuce and tomato and a couple of pickle slices. Not Impressed!!! They finally agreed to give me a trip to the salad bar, but not until I had been totally embarrassed and had to involve the manager, who wasn’t very helpful until we said we were leaving!

  5. Jerey says

    Are the cupcakes really gluten free? I find it odd that ruby Tuesday can make a better gluten free cake than Betty Crocker.

  6. Judy Lynn says

    If they are going to offer a gluten-free menu they need to educate the staff to adhere to it.
    A young woman friend of ours is sick today because although the waiter assured her yesterday there would be no lemon sauce on the fish, after one bite she realized it was in fact the lemon sauce (and one bite is all it takes if you have celiac disease). Then the manager came out and said her menu item wasn’t even on the gluten-free list (it was, and the “no lemon sauce” was right there).
    They were apologetic and made her another entree. But that didn’t stop the pain from happening anyway.
    So, please, make sure your staff are educated about the allergen-free menu if you are going to offer it

  7. Ellen T. says

    I ate at a Ruby Tuesday in CT which had a decent number of choices on the gluten free menu. A few weeks later I ate at one in Augusta, GA and the gluten free menu was different and much more restrictive. I’d be surprised if the whole chain changed. So be careful and check the menu at each restaurant.

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