Dairy Queen Gluten Free Menu

dairy queen gluten free menu

The Butterfinger Blizzard can’t be touched! So good.

When I go to Dairy Queen, I don’t even care about their food. The only thing that’s on my mind when I’m there are their famous Blizzards.

My personal favorite is the Butterfinger Blizzard.

It just can’t be touched!

Here’s the Dairy Queen gluten free menu:

Dairy Queen Gluten Free Menu

When you are getting a Blizzard, please understand that the mixer is used for all flavors so there is a chance of cross contamination. So as a result, Dairy Queen urges you to request that the Dairy Queen crew clean the mixer prior to making your gluten free blizzard.


  • Chocolate or Vanilla soft served in a cup
  • DQ Fudge Bar
  • DQVanilla
  • Orange Bar
  • Dilly Bars (all flavors)
  • Buster Bar Treat
  • Starkiss Bars (all flavors) – in a sealed plastic wrapper
  • Sundaes: Chocolate, Caramel, Hot Fudge, Marshmallow, and Strawberry

Blizzard Treats

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • Butterfinger
  • Heath
  • M&M’s
  • Banana Split
  • Hawaiian
  • Tropical


  • Arctic Rush slush (all flavors)
  • MooLatté frozen blended coffee drinks (vanilla, caramel, mocha)
  • Shakes: Chocolate, Caramel, Hot Fudge, Marshmallow,and Strawberry
  • All flavors of fountain soda


  • French Fries (fried with foods containing gluten so cross-contamination exists)
  • Grilled Chicken patty ordered without bun
  • Hamburger patty ordered without bun
  • GrillBurger patty ordered without bun
  • Hot Dog frank ordered without bun

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Dairy Queen Website

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  • Linda Aguilar

    List the condiments that are gluten free

  • Tricia

    Cross-contamination can be an issue, if you are sensitive. Sometimes they “recycle” ice cream. For instance, if they are training someone to make cones, they will practice and then scrape the ice cream from the cone back into the machine. Nothing wrong with the ice cream, but may have bits of cone in it.


    i hada reaction last night afterceating a small blizzard heath went in to anafletic schock eyes turned red and started throughing up lasted all night today cantvget out of bed the bone pain is so bad? So, not worth it i wont do a blizzard ever again!

    • Celiac

      Gluten allergies do not cause anaphylactic reactions. It’s a reaction in the intestines. Also the blizzards are blended with the same blenders regardless of added ingredients leaving a lot of room for cross contamination.

    • jayme

      Sounds like an allergic reaction to something else not celiac that’s weird I have celiac must not be as bad as some others I eat all the basic ice cream don’t bother me just never put brownie bites or any crum topping obviously and if there is cross contamination is very small it won’t hurt most people..

  • Jill

    I used to work at a DQ, and we hand made the chocolate dilly bars and buster bars. To make them, they are dipped in the same hard coatings that ice cream cones are dipped in, so dilly and buster bars were definitely glutened. Unless your particular dairy queen ships in individually, plastic wrapped dilly bars and buster bars, it isn’t worth the risk. Additionally, blizzards, milk shakes, moolattes, arctic rushes, and basically anything that was blended was done using the same mixing machine, and even if you ask them to clean it beforehand at most they’re going to rinse the mixer with a cup of water or wipe it off with a dish rag used to wipe everything including counters covered in crumbs, etc (or at least thats how it was where i worked.) I personally will only eat the ice cream in a cup with the sundae toppings (blizzard candy toppings are dished out with spoons that are often mixed up and there is a huge risk for contamination with glutened toppings like truffle/brownie pieces.) Sorry to be a downer! I sure miss DQ blizzards and shakes

    • Adam Bryan

      Debbie Downer or not, you’ve provided some great insight and information Jill. Greatly appreciated!

    • Mary

      I currently work for Dairy Queen in East Windsor NJ and we have alot of people with nut allergies .. so many that we have a dedicated Blizzard Machine for anyone with a nut allergy to blend Blizzards or shakes. Any other allergies we sanitize the machine with a Brand new Towel and get the ingredients straight from the box that we receive them in. If someone with an allergy wants sprinkles we pour them from the carton they come in…. Each Dairy Queen is individually owned so you would have to check with your store and ask what their policy is. before ordering.

  • Gayle

    I have celiac disease and would also caution anyone who has celiac that eating from any restaurant is always a big risk. I don’t eat out – just not worth it. Most restaurants don’t have in place cross contamination procedures that are followed strictly. And, many times people who just eat gluten free for the heck of it don’t react to foods that are cross contaminated, so when those of us with celiac disease request gluten free foods they don’t take the request seriously. For celiacs gluten causes an inflammatory response which will last long after the stomach problems, headaches, dizziness, etc. But… thanks for the information. I can’t use it, however, people who eat gluten free for non-allergy and intolerance reasons will benefit greatly!

    • Adam Bryan

      Thanks for stopping by the site either way Gayle. Greatly appreciated :)

  • Bill

    Interesting that you can’t have McDonalds Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry but can have the DQ Blizzard. What the thought on this?

    • Jacqueline

      I was also told by my nutritionist that mcdonalds soft serve was not gluten free, but yet burger kings is ok

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  • Merrick

    Does anyone know if the ice cream cakes just the regular ones not the blizzard ones contain gluten?

    • jayme

      Yeah they contain gluten they have normal cake layers with the ice cream that are not gluten free….unless it says gluten free on the box its not worth the risk…

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