75 Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Menus You Need to Know

One of the most stressful parts about eating out on a gluten free diet is trying to figure out what’s safe to eat.

Some restaurants don’t provide gluten free menus and others require you to search through those annoyingly long “allergy/nutrition” charts online that literally takes you hours to navigate.

And then there are times when restaurants don’t do neither of those.

So basically, you have to email every restaurant that you want to eat at just to get their complete gluten free menus.

And even then, some restaurants may just ignore your emails.

It’s honestly just a tedious, time consuming task that you have to do just to discover which restaurant menu items are gluten free or not.

Too bad there isn’t an all-in-one resource that provides you with a large majority of major fast food and chain restaurant gluten free menus.

Or is there?

Well you’re in luck because I created this huge listing of 68 75 essential gluten free restaurant menus you absolutely need to know.

And the best part is that they are all easy to read menus that can be printed with you whenever you go out to eat.

So with that being said here’s the complete listing of gluten free restaurant menus. Enjoy!

68 75 Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Menus

68 gluten free restaurant menusJust browse through the various cuisines and restaurant types until you find your restaurant of choice.

Once you find a menu that interests you, just click on it and it will take you to the complete gluten free menu listing on this blog.

That’s it!

Also, this list will continue to grow as time goes on and more gluten free menus are published so be sure to check up on this post frequently.

So I recommend that you go ahead and bookmark this post.


Pub Style or Grill

Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Gluten Free Menu

Cheeseburger in Paradise Gluten Free Menu

Chili’s Gluten Free Menu

Hooters Gluten Free Menu

Ruby Tuesday Gluten Free Menu

Red Robin Gluten Free Menu

Ted’s Montana Grill Gluten Free Menu

Uno’s Chicago Grill Gluten Free Menu

Contemporary and Traditional American

Chart House Gluten Free Menu

Claim Jumper Gluten Free Menu

Donatos Gluten Free Menu

Max and Erma’s Gluten Free Menu

99 Restaurants Gluten Free Menu

O’Charley’s Gluten Free Menu

Pizza Pie Café: Real American Pizza Gluten Free Menu


Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano Gluten Free Menu

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Gluten Free Menu

The Old Spaghetti Factory Gluten Free Menu

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Gluten Free Menu

Sam & Louie’s New York Pizzeria Gluten Free Menu

Mexican and Southwest

Abuelo’s Mexican Food Embassy Gluten Free Menu

Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu

Chevys Fresh Mex Gluten Free Menu

Chipotle Gluten Free Menu

Del Taco Gluten Free Menu

Don Pablos Gluten Free Menu

El Pollo Loco Gluten Free Menu

Moe’s Southwest Grill Gluten Free Menu

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Gluten Free Menu

Qdoba Gluten Free Menu

Taco John’s Gluten Free Menu

Taco Time Gluten Free Menu


Bonefish Grill Gluten Free Menu

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Gluten Free Menu

Captain D’s Gluten Free Menu

Long John Silvers Gluten Free Menu

Red Lobster Gluten Free Menu


Capital Grille Gluten Free Menu

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Gluten Free Menu

LongHorn Steakhouse Gluten Free Menu

Outback Steakhouse Gluten Free Menu

Unique Dinner Houses

California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Menu

Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Menu

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Gluten Free Menu

Burgers and Beef

Red Robin Gluten Free Menu

Arby’s Gluten Free Menu

Jack In the Box Gluten Free Menu

McDonalds Gluten Free Menu

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu


Au Bon Pain Gluten Free Menu

Boston Market Gluten Free Menu


Chick Fil A Gluten Free Menu

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Gluten Free Menu

Popeyes Gluten Free Menu

Raising Canes Gluten Free Menu

Sandwiches, Deli, and Salads

Blimpie Gluten Free Menu

Charley’s Grilled Subs Gluten Free Menu

Erbert and Gerbert’s Gluten Free Menu

Jason’s Deli Gluten Free Menu

Panera Bread Gluten Free Menu

SaladWorks Gluten Free Menu

Subway Gluten Free Menu


Dave & Busters Gluten Free Menu

Denny’s Gluten Free Menu


Noodles & Company Gluten Free Menu

Pollo Tropical Gluten Free Menu

Pei Wei Asian Diner Gluten Free Menu

Desserts and Drinks

Baskin Robins Gluten Free Menu

Cold Stone Creamery Gluten Free Menu

Dunkin Donuts Gluten Free Menu

Jamba Juice Gluten Free Menu

Starbucks Gluten Free Menu

TCBY Gluten Free Menu

Hopefully you enjoyed this epic gluten free restaurant listing!

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Once again, thanks for reading and I hope that you share this post with everyone.

Have a great day everybody!

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  1. Klein says

    I definitely appreciate what you are doing in attempting to help gluten – free people with restaurants to find – as someone who has celiac it is difficult to find restaurants. However, your list has some restaurants (that I know of/been to) that have major cross contamination issues and no one who has celiac, wheat allergy or is gluten intolerant can eat at them it will make them sick.

    – Chilis
    – On the Border
    – Olive Garden
    – Wendy’s
    – McDonalds

    With that being said here are some restaurants that have gluten free options and do not have cross contamination issues.

    – Five Guys (specifically with french fries)
    – Mooyah Burger
    – In and Out
    – Kenny’s Italian Kitchen
    – Blue Mesa

    I hope this was helpful and I just would hate to see someone who is recently diagnosed with a gluten issue and get sick from eating at a suggested restaurant.

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey Klein,

      Thanks for the extra information regarding cross contamination at Chilis and the other 4 restaurants you listed. My personal recommendation would be for Celiacs and the gluten intolerant to avoid these restaurants just to be on the safe side. However, if anyone is just on a strict, non-medical, gluten-free diet, these restaurants will be a somewhat good choice.

      Once again, thanks for the information Klein and I so glad that you appreciate this post!

      • Siobhan says

        You might want to add Legal Sea Foods to your list. They are only on the east coast, but they have had a pretty comprehensive gluten free menu for about 10 years. They have separate fryers and cookware for all gluten free items to avoid contamination, and they take allergies VERY seriously. They have amazing food! http://www.legalseafood.com

        • Jen says

          agreed about legal sea foods! i worked there & it was the most serious restaurant I’ve ever worked for as far allergies, and their gf menu is great! they even offer breaded calamari on it! i miss lsf as i now live in the Midwest.

    • Tom Kowalski says

      My sister who only tolerates gluten free, has dined multiple times at Chili’s, as my wife is an area director, and has not once had an adverse reaction. They also have a separate GF menu, as the the article states they do not. I have heard my wife discuss the cross contamination issue first hand, they are aware of it and continually working towards resolutions.

      • Mary-Frances Reavey says

        I agree, my experience with Chili’s has been wonderful. But I also believe it depends on the location. .

      • Kathy says

        I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and still learning what I can and cannot eat. Wendy’s is the only restaurant that I know I can go to get something healthy and gluten free. I have yet to become sick after eating their fries, baked potatoes, chile, hamburg patties or grilled chicken with out bun. Love this place and satisfies my tummy!

        • Jana says

          My daughter and I are gfs due to celiac. We do eat at Wendy’s. I usually get a baked potatoes and salad. My daughter usually gets a potatoes and burger party. We have avoided their fries under the impression they aren’t prepared in a dedicated fryer.

        • Vince Molloy says

          Chick-Fil-A has gluten free items. They have grilled chicken strips. Their Waffle fries are cooked in a separate oil from their other fried items.
          I am a 50+ year old guy who recently found out that celiac is what was causing my fatigue for all these years. Beware of cross contamination or unfamiliar ingredients that trigger Celiac; I feel the effects within a couple of hours

    • Joy says

      The Olive Garden in our area do not have cross contamination issues. They are very careful. We experienced a longer wait once because the manager was very picky about it.

    • Sharani says

      I ate at Picazzo’s in Flagstaff and Sedona (they have several locations in Arizona) while there on vacation and for all practical purposes it is a menu completely gluten free except that you can order non GF pizza if you want. I had ravioli, pizza, flat bread with appetizer and skillet sized chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Salads come with gluten free croutons, cheese garlic bread comes on gluten free bread they make (they also make the pizza crusts themselves). The food was excellent, mostly organic and local ingredients and you wouldn’t even think it was gluten free. I honestly wonder if there are any other restaurants in the rest of the country that have GF as the norm and non GF as the side exception menu. Maybe they are the best gluten free restaurant in the country! http://picazzos.com/

      • Kimbre LaBlonde says

        I live about two blocks from Picazzo’s & can attest that it is amazing!! I am a Celiac with extremely high sensitivity, I have never had any issues with anything at Picazzo’s. LOVE this place!!!!!

    • lisa says

      Are there any restaurants in colorado that take gluten allergies and cross contamination serious. I have gotten seriously sick dining at some of the restaurants. Even though they claimed they try to be carefull. Why advertise that they have gluten free items if they can’t guarantee there won’t be any cross contamination?

    • says

      A locally owned and sourced deli that takes great Caution in preparing Homemade gluten free Sandwiches, side dishes and Desserts iNcluding icecream is Cow & Sow Deli Located at 612 e DoUglas

  2. Brooke says

    Taco John’s nachos and crispy shells contain wheat. Potato oles don’t, but share a frier with gluten products.

    • Adam Bryan says

      Thanks for the info Brooke regarding the Taco John’s menu items. I’ll be sure to go ahead and verify and correct all the information on that post. And regarding Mellow Mushroom, I still need to to try their gluten free pizza. It’s just unfortunate that I don’t have one nearby.

      • Tisha says

        I dined at the Mellow Mushroom in Montgomery AL and thought the gluten free pizza was horrible! I guess it’s a matter of taste but I hated it.

      • Laura Boggs says

        Mellow Mushroom in Bowling Green KY had a very nice staff but the crust was the worst. Sad, really. It’s just not that hard to make a decent GF crust these days.

        • Jen says

          agreed! their crust is the gross chewy rice style…and they are so expensive! dominos pizza and donatos have awesome gf pizza and are well priced! the ONE time i tried mellow mushroom, who touts their gf pizza like it’s God’s gift, the server was clueless to their ingredients and in fact didnt even know what gluten was. never again!

  3. says

    While I typically avoid these types of places it is convenient to have this type of info for Paleo people like myself when caught on the road or away from home. Thanks for putting this together.

  4. says

    I wanted to add Red Robin (as I don’t see it listed–sorry if I missed it). They do a really good job and will even make their fries in a separate vat of oil to make sure there’s as little cross contamination as possible. They have a gluten free menu and offer it protein style or with a gluten free bun. Their menu is a lot of –have this without the dressing, topping, what have you–but I’ve found it gives a good idea of what they have, and you can mix and match some things and they’ve never been anything but helpful.

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey April! I definitely need to add Red Robin to this site. It’s one of the many gluten free restaurants that I need to put up as soon as possible. But thanks for the extra information!

  5. Maria says

    Thanks. It’s always good to check ahead of time. However I have celiac and had a major reaction at the Outback Steakhouse. It could only have been the dressing or seasoning. Unfortunately I am also sensitive to msg and lately I have been trying to avoid GMO soy. So I pretty much have to cook at home, (which isn’t bad for my waistline!) or order salads, and bring my own condiments. Food producers are quick to jump on the marketing bandwagon. . .but sadly a lot of it is just smoke and mirrors. The food system in this country needs a serious detoxification and overhaul. Fructose, sodium, gluten, additives, gmo’s. . .it’s a health

    mine field. We need to get back to basics! Still, this menu app is a step in the right dorection

  6. Tammie says

    Your Pie also has gluten free pizza and gelato….. Crust is great..buttery and smooth. The do have a seperate area in the back where they prepare to ensure there is no cross contamination!

    As a celiac…if you are going out to a resteraunt and they have any gluten items there is always a risk. I really appreciate the list!

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey Tammie I glad that you found this listing to be helpful. I’m going to go ahead and check out Your Pie. I’ve never heard of them, but from what I’m hearing from you, their menu sounds delicious.

  7. Paula says

    Cheeseburger in Paradise has a nice GF menu with lots of choices. There is a separate cooking area, separate fryer and way more than burgers.
    Also another place that takes lots of care is the upscale Zinburger. Wine and delicious burgers..can’t be beat.

    • Adam Bryan says

      I have to agree Paula! I still haven’t found a burger joint that has a gluten free menu to the extent of Cheeseburger in Paradise.

  8. Kristin says

    I see that Starbucks oatmeal is listed. Do they use gluten free oats? If not it is most definitely not gluten free.

    I appreciate this list very much, however I do think that as a Celiac things are getting more difficult rather than easier. So many people are eating gluten free now that the tern gluten free is becoming too loose. It can be very dangerous for those of us that must be 100% gf by creating a false sense of safety.

    • says

      I’m afraid I have to agree with you, Kristin. I have Celiac Disease and I believe too many restaurants are jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon but not really doing a proper job with their preparation. Too many restaurants have this half-assed approach to having a few token “gluten-free” items without understanding the complexity of cross-contamination. I think many are just trying to cater to the “trendy” and “hip” crowd, whose latest fad diet is the “gluten-free” craze. As a Celiac, I approach most of these places with extreme caution and make sure to read plenty of reviews and do my research ahead of time to make sure that they are indeed safe options for me.

  9. Lauren MacGregor-Jessen says

    I think it’s important that we all understand that it’s our responsibility to know the risks of eating out. Cross contamination is always a risk…as long as there are gluten containing items in the restaurant, it’s impossible to be certain all requirements are being met at all times. I’ve also found that the depth of knowledge about being gluten-free is still limited in the restaurant world. Rachel put it very well, do your homework, and then find safe places to go and enjoy! Thanks Adam for making it a little easier to navigate!

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey Lauren, I’m just here to help! And yes, I definitely agree that it’s literally impossible to avoid any cross contamination unless you go to a 100% gluten free restaurant or if you just decide to skip eating out in the first place and cook at home instead. But I’m glad that you found this post to making eating out a little easier for you!

  10. Paula says

    Thank you for your hard word regarding this list. I agree, Starbucks oats are very questionable. Also, I have heard McDonald’s fries, even if in dedicated oil, have been bathed in beef broth that contains gluten. Taco Tome used to be my favorite fast food back in the day. Here in Washington, they do have GF items, but was told their beef and mexi fries are NOT GF as stated in you link. Just wanted to let you know.

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey thanks for the feedback and extra gluten free menu info Paula. This has has been very informative and helpful. I’m sure this blog audience will enjoy it.

  11. Kristin Tulip says

    Adam, Do you know of any choices when eating out that are almost guaranteed to be safe choices? Salad or baked potato maybe? I’m curious because I avoid eating out because of fear but I miss a lot of social opportunities. I would definitely pass on a good meal and eat anything at all just to be able to be present at dinner.

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey Kristin,

      In my opinion I think some of the safest choices are salads (without croutons and caesar dressing), baked potatoes like you mentioned, and steamed vegetables. Usually, most grilled chicken dishes and steaks are gluten free as long as they are cooked plain. Some restaurants like to add a rub or special sauce to their steaks which may or may not contain gluten. If a restaurant offers gluten free pasta, then I’ll definitely go there. This include Macaroni Grill, Biaggis, and the Olive Garden. But of course, the safest dishes are the ones that are the most unnatural and plain such as veggies and salt/peppered meats.

    • Adam Bryan says

      No problem Anna! That sounds pretty awesome that they had special fryers and even special GF rolls. I had no idea that they would actually go the extra mile to do such a thing. I also had no idea that they had a gluten free menu so thanks for bringing that up. I’ll definitely need to include Legal Seafoods into my list.

  12. Patti Eckert says

    Have eaten at Ground Round to have found a great selection of gluten free. They menu is great and they know what you are talking about. Also Iron Hill Brewery and Don Pabalos is great also. Anyone in my area should stay away from any Salad works because they admit they cross contaminate.

  13. says

    If anyone is in Chicago, this restaurant opened last year. It is a completely Gluten-Free restaurant, and its awesome. I also recently went to a pancake house in Wheaton,IL called Butterfields that has Gluten-Free pancakes and waffles. They were awesome, but I am not sure about cross contamination. I am only sensitive to gluten, where I bloat and feel uncomfortable, so I do not have a serious issue, but I noticed that I felt perfectly fine afterward.

  14. Allie says

    I am just wondering where you got your information on Starbucks? I have been in email contact with them for several weeks and they say none of their products meet guidelines to be considered gluten free.

  15. Rebecca says

    This is an awesome list, and I really wish this was available when we made our 4 week trip to the USA a few years back! I was very stressed about dining out because I’m a very sensitive celiac. But there were so many great options (especially compared to here in Australia, pretty bleak). One thing I’d like to add is we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co several times, and I had zero adverse reactions. They have a separate gluten free menu, and I found them very helpful. Also Margaritaville at Universal Studios Florida was being run by a man who’s daughter was celiac, so another great experience there (tried the one in Vegas, didn’t end up eating there).

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey Rebecca, I’m glad that you liked the listing! Also, thanks for the restaurant suggestions (Bubba Gump and Margaritaville). I’ll be sure to add these to the GF restaurants list as well.

  16. Joy says

    Thanks so much for creating this blog. I knew there were a few restaurants that had a gluten free menu, but this is great! We have found that Dominos has a gluten free pizza that is wonderful! You might want to add that to your list.

    • Adam Bryan says

      No problem Joy! And I’ve actually tried the GF domino’s pizza a few days ago too (pretty good if you ask me). I’ll be sure to mention that on the blog too. Thanks Joy!

        • Adam Bryan says

          I heard about that too Kristin. I think that they also mentioned that it was a little risky for those with gluten allergies too.

        • says

          I’ve gluten and wheat allergies, and I’ve no problem with the Domino’s FG vegetarian pizza.I didn’t see Burton’s Grill listed, which has an extensive GF menu and also offers special GF dinners a couple of times a year by reservation.

          • Adam Bryan says

            Hi Terry,

            I’ve added probably 40 new restaurants after this list and Burton’s is one that I’ve added. And yeah, I have to agree, their GF selections is huge. Thanks for the suggestion though Terry :)

  17. Lowiejean says

    Chuck E Cheese is now promoting a gluten free pizza and chocolate cupcake. I plan to try these in June for my daughter’s sixth bday party. Not fine dining, but nice to have an option when you have to go.

    • Adam Bryan says

      That’s actually pretty awesome! I honestly had no idea about that, but thanks for the info Lowiejean!

  18. Lowiejean says

    Chuck E Cheese is promoting a gluten free pizza and chocolate cup cake, not fine dining, but good for when you have to go their for a birthday party or afternoon of fun with the kids.

  19. Laurel says

    For those that live in AZ……Picazzos is a great place for GF lifestyle and Celiacs. All of their appetizers and desserts are GF. They have regular pizza that has gluten, however everything is cooked, prepped etc in different parts of the kitchen. All of their pizzas are available GF and all of their pastas and baked pastas come GF. When I got diagnosed with Celiac that was the 1 place I felt safe going to. Thanks for the lists!!!

  20. lloyd irvin says

    I’ve learn some excellent stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much attempt you put to create one of these magnificent informative website.

  21. Dawn Ruler says

    The HFCS is a good point about restaurant food. In general, I eat my salads without dressing or bring my own. I hadn’t stopped to think about some of the other unhealthy things that might be in restaurant foods other than salt and unnecessary fat…glad I read this article!

  22. Tressie says

    One I didn’t see was Waffle House. We eat there all the time. They are always so careful and we never have a problem. Their grilled chicken, bacon, sausage, pork chops, eggs, hashbrowns. Basically most things except the bread and waffles are safe. I also noticed the menu you have posted for PF Changs. This is not their GF menu. They have a specific GF menu and are always very careful if you order and specify that you have a health issue. However the items posted are NOT their gluten free items. Just want everyone to be safe! :)

    • Adam Bryan says

      Thanks for catching that Tressie. I made sure to fix it. And I will definitely need to add Waffle House. Thanks again!

    • says

      Not celiac, but very gluten intolerant. Sitting at a Waffle House in Allentown, PA, right now. I ordered the cheesesteak omelet with bacon side and a hot chocolate (side note, their steak sauce appears to be safe after reading the label). I have high hopes for no reaction and will update tomorrow!

  23. says

    Thanks for posting this info. Bob Evans has a GF menu now.

    Often when I eat out I order ham and poached eggs, even for lunch or dinner. I have other allergies in addition to wheat so eating out is a minefield.

  24. Megan Olvera says

    Thank you for this list! Just wanted to add another one for you: Houlihan’s. Not only do they have a dedicated gluten-free menu, they’re also great about redoing some of their standard items any way that you request. :)

  25. Karen says

    We had a real issue at Applebee’s. The cross contamination is a real problem. My 12 yr old daughter was sick for a week after eating there. It is clear they don’t really have the concept of seperate frying areas. Appreciate your work in providing us with some options when we find the need to eat out.

    • Carlene says

      I also got very very sick at Apple Bees and they promised me it was Gf. I wrote a
      Letter to the head office and they called me and did nothing..scares me to go out and it eat..it could ruin 3 days just because people don’t care about,us..very very scary when traveling. I ate only a salad at Cracker Barrel and was sick before I even made it to the car..and had a 10 hour ride home..

  26. Dave Knox says

    Maggiano’s is an excellent choice for gluten free Italian dining. They don’t have a dedicated GF menu but have always accommodated me. As a Celiac, I love going there. Just meet the manager when you walk in and explain your need for GF food and he/she will shepherd your order through with care. They have gluten free pasta and gluten free meatballs. I was just there last week and the manager told me that all of their sauces are now gluten free. I had shrimp alfredo. Simply wonderful.

    Also, Texas de Brazil Brazilian steak houses have numerous great GF meat choices and – hold on to your seats – GF rolls which are really great.

    • Adam Bryan says

      I am holding on tightly Dave! But wow, it’s great to hear about the great customer service you receive at Maggiano’s. It’s always nice to see restaurants go the extra mile to accommodate special dietary needs. And I’ll definitely need to look into Texas de Brazil. I’m a sucker for Brazillian meats!

  27. Cheryl says

    While I am very impressed with the info that you have gathered here, I must compliment you on your responses to those who complained about issues with the info. On the interweb we only have the reactions and behavior to negatives to really see a person’s personality. That tells a lot about the quality of the person and thus the quality of the gathered information.

    I bookmarked this site already!!!!
    AND will be looking into purchase of these books.
    Hubby loves to travel. I end up sick by day two and spend the rest of the trip lying in the hotel bed watching reality TV. SOME FUN vacation RIGHT! LOL

    • Adam Bryan says

      Watching reality TV on a vacation is never fun, unless you’re going to Antarctica or something to watch the penguins sleep. But still, that’s probably a lot better than the reality TV out there today lol.

      But to switch topics back to GF, thank you so much for the compliment Cheryl! It’s great to hear that I’m making a small positive difference in someone’s life other than my own.

  28. KLO says

    Thank you so much for this blog!! I’m new to this GF thing and was worried about my options when dining out, but this is super helpful!

    Recently I visited my sister in Indianapolis, we found that Scotty’s Brewhouse has excellent food AND they offer a rather large GF menu. (If you are a true Celiac (rather than just non-medical GF) they do suggest that you mention your allergy to your server so they can take extra precautions)


    Thanks again!!

    • Adam Bryan says

      Sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words, as well as the new GF menu. I’ll be sure to check it out!

  29. Christina says

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this. I have been looking everywhere on the net trying to find an affordable way to cater my wedding and have be gluten free without having to turn to self-catering. You list has saved the day for me and I can finally breath a bit easier. Thank you so, so very much!

    • Adam Bryan says

      Thank you so much Christina. I’m just so glad that I was able to help in one way or another. I hope you have a fantastic wedding :)

  30. Carolann says

    Great compilation of menus and “take off’s” to be gluten free. I’ve searched for other listings like this, even apps that I’ve paid for and I’ve found nothing as detailed as this. Most apps/websites just don’t have the item listed as an option at all instead of saying you can have the salad, just remove the wonton strips, or you can have the burger, just no bun etc. This is new to our family. It all started with my daughter experiencing headaches and felling sick every time she ate. With a 6 week elimination diet we’ve solved the mystery! Now the whole family is doing it and we all feel great not to mention the weight loss! My husband is struggling though because he eats out often. This guide will be incredibly helpful for him. Would love to see Taco Bell added to your listing.

    • Adam Bryan says

      Thank you so much for the compliments Carolann! I’m just so glad that you enjoyed this listing and found it to be helpful in you gluten free dining endeavors. And thanks so much for the Taco Bell suggestion..I seriously can’t believe I forgot to include it!

  31. says

    I may have missed a mention of the Margaritaville restaurants on your list. As chains go they do a good job of “getting it” and have a great gf bun for the cheeseburger in paradise. The fries also come from a dedicated fryer.

    Adam, if you make it to Chgo for the EXPO you must stop into DaLuciano’s in River Grove…about 30 min. from downtown Chgo. http://www.dalucianos.com The owners, Rosa and Luciano have 7 children 4 are celiacs. They have a HUGE gf menu including pastas, pizzas and desserts even, tiramisu’s and they have a dedicated kitchen with a seperate ventilation system. Rosa does the baking and pasta making a few times a week. It is worth the trip west from downtown Chicago to meet this family and stuff yourself with homemade Italian food!!

  32. Susan B. says

    I just wanted to mention Nothing but Noddles. Our local Nothing But Noodles advertised a gluten-free menu, so we decided to try it the other day. They noted our allergy on the order. They used separate cookware & different bowls for the gluten-free entrees. They use rice noodles. They seemed to have a good understanding of the needs of gluten-free patrons.

    • Adam Bryan says

      I’ve never heard of them before but from what you have to say, it seems like they don’t take cross-contamination lightly, which is great. Thanks for the restaurant suggestion Susan!

  33. Kathleen says

    Thank you! thank you! thank you! My 4 year old was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. We used to eat out a few times a month, but we haven’t been anywhere since the diagnosis because I wasn’t sure where he could eat. This list is so helpful! It has been a bit overwhelming so I’m so glad I found this. We can go out again!

  34. Crystal says

    With any of the the chain restaurants, the gluten free menu is only as good as the staff’s education. On a recent trip to Olive Garden, even after stressing emphatically to the waiter and having him acknowledge my concerns, I was served a “Mixed Grill” with demi glaze (sp) on it, even though it isn’t mentioned on the gluten free menu and was chastised by one of the managers for not telling them to not put on the sauce (that I had no idea even existed)
    . This is a great list and I’m sure I will use it, but if you have Celiac disease, you still have to be on your toes!!! Sadly this wasn’t the first issue I’ve had with the local Olive Garden, thankfully I have had no trouble at any of the others I have visited.

  35. Alton says

    One Dish in Ellicott City, Maryland is a completely Gluten Free Restaurant!!!
    I have dined at most of these places throughout MD and have had cross contamination issues. It is disappointing that they’ve put so much effort into a specialty menu and can’t remember which pot of water to boil noodles in… The excitement of a special menu follow by the adverse reaction to the contaminated food is such a let down.

  36. says

    Awesome list and great resource!

    My input (from the Lehigh Valley area, Pennsylvania):
    Copperhead Grille – has a GF menu, but when I ate there, I had a very bad reaction after eating specifically from the GF menu and indicating to the waitress I was allergic to gluten.

    Grumpy’s Roadhouse – does NOT have GF menu. They said the ribs, at some point in the process of bbqing are coated in a liquid that allegedly has gluten in it. That being said, I have eaten the ribs more times than I can count and never had a reaction. Ever. And I’m extremely sensitive to even small bits of gluten in food. The garlic mashed potatoes are delicious and gf. The cornbread (sad!) is not GF.
    They have a dessert, the Tuxedo Bomb, which is mousse on a small cake round. If careful, you can cut about half an inch above the cake, and eat the rest – having done that, I’ve not had a reaction. Not something I’d recommend to someone with celiac’s, butI miss dessert!!

    Olive Garden – the gf pasta is gross. Flat out disgusting. The salmon dish, however is gf and delicious!

    More later… :)

  37. DougBaros says

    Hey Adam. GREAT list of gluten free menus. We’ve been kicking around the idea of dedicating a menu on our site to gluten free options, even though our claim to fame is creating your own masterpiece. We’d love for you to come in and check us out to see if we’d make the cut to get added to your list here. Please let us know if you’d like to stop by. We’re in South Park, but have 2 more locations opening up this year (hopefully). Thanks for putting together a great resource for people leading a gluten free lifestyle!

    • Adam Bryan says

      Hey Doug, thanks for the offer! If you guys ever expand to Maryland or the Philly area, I’ll definitely need to swing by!

  38. Glorya Laughton says

    GREAT List and as someone who is still new to GF life because to celiac disease, this helps alot since i have been very nervous about going out to eat at all… and getting married in the wonter trying to find GF options at the place we pick has eben rough. With that said I have told about Blue Moon Evolutoin in Exeter NH and a majority of the things on their menu that are gluten free since it is a small family owned restaurant with an allergy in the family. I thought I would share :)

  39. Di Swiatek says

    So I learned there are 2 different “groups” to Hooters, because I printed the menu off their website (which lists all the locations) and had the manager tell me, that they were apart of the “other group” of locations. I was so annoyed nothing on their site says This applies to half our stores only!

  40. Roberta says

    The Great Outdoors (sandwich/deli) has gluten free bread! They are also very diligent about cross-contamination, making sure each server on “the line” changes their gloves and knives when your sandwich gets to them.

  41. Greg says

    Jersey Mikes for Subs (sub in a tub) basically everything on your favorite sub but in a to go container. Every one I’ve been to they employees have been very conscious. The one I frequent the owners daughter has celiacs and he regularly works behind the counter and makes sure his employees understand the cross contamination issues.

  42. Tina says

    Ruby’s diner has a gluten free bun for their hamburgers – and my son doesn’t know the difference. So definitely a good choice.

  43. Emily Johnson says

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has ever eaten at the Hard Rock Café in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I will be going there at some point and really need some help on what I should order that would be gluten free. Do they have a gluten free menu? Or does anyone know if there are large risks of cross contamination? Any information on what to order or suggestions would be appreciated… Thank you so much!

  44. Allyson Loretz says

    The Cheesecake Factory in Syracuse, NY has an amazing gluten free menu! And, they assured me that they have very strict kitchen rules involving cross-contamination.

  45. Jess Parola says

    Mix n’ Mac is another one of my daughters favorites ( I didn’t see it listed) …
    Pretty much every dish can be made GF and it’s made in front of you…
    Although, Cheeseburger in Paradise will always be my favorite for GF dining since I know they go above and beyond to avoid any cross contamination. From seperate labeled utensils, to seperate fryers to seperate food runners. Besides they have the best GF bread I’ve ever had (:

  46. Laura Boggs says

    Wheatless just opened in Bowling Green, KY and every item is GF and safe for Celiacs. It is also peanut free and every other allergen is clearly listed on the menu. Best of all, it all tastes amazing! You wouldn’t know it was GF. I’ve been 5 times and haven’t had any Celiac reaction at all.

  47. Geek Girl says

    *Silver Diner* has a wide variety of excellent gluten free options. Their gourmet quinoa coconut pancakes make you feel like you aren’t being punished for being unable to eat gluten. They also use organic and local produce.

    In addition, they make it easy for you to find what you can safely eat. They have one single menu with all items marked as to whether they are gluten free or not. They also have a special section on the menu that consolidates all gluten free options. http://www.silverdiner.com/menu/healthierselections

    *Travinia* Italian Kitchen is a recent discovery. They also have a wide variety of options. I was amazed that 50+% of the menu was safe. They have gluten free pasta which they will sub for any pasta dish, plus they have lots of non-pasta dishes as well. Again. all GF options are clearly marked on the single large menu. http://www.traviniaitaliankitchen.com/travinia-woodbridge-va-menu.php

  48. says

    I know that there’s a difference between celiac disease and those just avoiding gluten, but quite a few of these places have trouble with cross contact. I know that at Applebees when I talked to them, they said they wouldn’t feel comfortable enough trying to feed me, just as a heads up. But, I really appreciate this list! It will help a lot of people that don’t worry about cross contact, and give a starting point to those who do. :)

  49. caycee says

    I know that Roja Mexican Grill and Baby Blue as well as Blue sushi will accommodate to the best of their abilities with any food allergy that anyone has. I used to work there and I now can not have gluten, soy or dairy.

  50. Eva says

    Asking at every restaurant is the key. In Southern Utah, the Denny’s in Cedar City is awesome. They are so careful. However, the two Denny’s in St George will not guarantee no cross contamination and I get sick every time.
    Costa Vida is my son’s favorite place to eat out. Everything on the menu but the flour shell is gluten free. It is so wonderful to not be limited. There is no chance of cross contamination. They wash hands, change gloves, and inform everyone in the kitchen.

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